For most people the word “Chastity” immediately brings to mind a negative response. You start saying to yourself things like “Chastity is old fashioned, Victorian, and prudish, not for modern man”, “My sexuality is private, stay out!”, and “Chastity is about religious repression”. We need to talk about Chastity, but let’s not talk about any […]


Things were going real well for the Kennedy Trojan football team in 2010, right up until our State Championship semi-final game against Gold Beach. Gold Beach did a great job of defending us, they were fired up to avenge an earlier season loss, and with a couple key injuries to our players, the perfect storm […]

Boys are Failing in Eduation

By Mary Sanchez The Kansas City Star Is it time we addressed the need for affirmative action programs for men? What’s that you say? Preposterous? Men still tend to out-earn women for the same work. They overwhelmingly outnumber women as CEOs and members of Congress, and have the edge in just about every other prestige […]

Value or Virtue?

What is the difference between a “Value” and a “Virtue”. A value is “A person’s principles or standards of behavior…one’s judgment of what is important in life.” Values are the ideals or standards that people use to direct their behavior; values are what people strive to realize in their lives. Values are the standards we […]

The Difference between Happiness and Joy

Most people have a hard time understanding the difference between “Happiness” and “Joy”. When it comes to nourishing our soul, “Happiness” is like a candy bar (not very nutritional), and “Joy” is like a plate of meat, potatoes, and vegetables (fills you up and is good for you too!). Happiness is when we are delighted […]


Are you a coach, teacher, administrator, or counselor who is in this profession to save our post modern kids from themselves and the devil, or are you just in it for the paycheck? How deep are you in? What are you willing to sacrifice? Those who sacrifice little are the teachers and coaches who arrive, […]

Living the virtues in a time of Austerity

The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, has given the 2010 Provost Derek Hole Annual Public Lecture at the University of Leicester on Thursday 28 October. The Archbishop’s lecture ‘Living the virtues in a time of Austerity’, reflected on the challenges of life in our society in the coming months and years. The lecture […]

Character Education and Psychological Models of Virtue

Dr. Kevin Ryan Teacher Education’s Muddled Models of Character Education The topic I was assigned is “character education and the psychological models of virtue.” Since most of my work for the last forty years has been in teacher education, my response will be from the purchase of what teachers are taught about character education and […]

Is “Virtue” a Scientific Concept?

The Rev. Benedict Ashley, O.P. The concept of “virtue” plays little or no role in modern psychology because psychologists suppose that it is a “philosophical” term foreign to psychology as an empirical science.[i] Hence before this concept and the extensive tradition of study of human behavior in which has been used can play a role […]


Our players all have one thing in common, a natural tendency to rebel and be drawn toward vice. Let’s face it, we all have that inside of us. If we are going to help our players be virtuous, then we are going to have to recognize that this is the starting point. Juveniles are rebellious. […]