Walk by faith, not by sight

Stand up, close your eyes and take ten steps. Can you imagine what it is like to be blind? After just a couple steps you will probably be disoriented. It is so unnatural for us to walk without looking where we are going, yet this is precisely how we must live in order to obtain […]

ME or WE

“ME” or “WE”? I know you have heard the old cliché that football emulates life, but it really is true and I think this gets to the heart of why many of us coaches value the sport so highly. Just like life, football is about death and resurrection. Football is about death to self and […]

Positive Self Talk

The other night as I was walking into the weight room for a team weights session, I noticed a young man sitting outside the weight room on a bench. Let’s call him Steve. Steve is a boy I had watched develop as a football player from the 5th grade to high school. I was anticipating […]

How to handle parents of players

As a coach, if you have spent any time on the job at all, you know that dealing with parents comes with the territory. It’s unavoidable. But, handling overzealous parents really isn’t covered by most coach’s pay scales. In fact, the number one cause of coaching resignations in this country is conflicts with parents. These […]


We have become fixated on our bodies. More than 45 million Americans now belong to a health club, up from 23 million in 1993. We spend some $19 billion a year on gym memberships. We think about, talk about, and worry about our bodies all the time. Just listen to the conversations, information, media, and […]

Humility by Fritz Knapp

Humility: “Humility is not desiring power, praise or prestige; just understanding that we are vessels for a greater glory.” True greatness is achieved through maximum effort, desirable result (or not), and a response that inspires others towards achieving their goals without drawing undue attention to our own talents. Others will gauge our performance by our […]

Sports and Peace

By James Parker United Kingdom Catholic Executive Coordinator for the 2012 Olympic Games I have just returned from an exciting eight days in South Africa, 2010’s home to the FIFA Soccer World Cup. The eyes of much of the world are glued to TV screens as they watch professional soccer night in and night out […]

Filling the Void with Love

The deepest need in every player’s heart is to be loved. It doesn’t matter if you are team captain-valedictorian-quarterback, the tougher than nails-spit in your face middle linebacker, or the 110 lb freshman water boy, they all need to be loved. Until players get that basic need filled, they will continue try and fill that […]

The Invisibles

It’s natural for every coach to focus on the kids who are exciting, involved, athletically talented and engaged. These are the kids you coach for right? Then there are those kids that are the “invisibles”. They add to your team numbers, and sometimes contribute on scout teams, but, let’s face it, they don’t bring much […]


Our society is sick. Post Modernism, rapid technological developments, our struggling economy, and a fractured political system have taken their toll on the health of our society. As with any infection, it attacks the weakest and most vulnerable parts of the body first. In every community across America the young and the elderly are suffering […]